About Us

A nonprofit, AIN was founded in 2009 by Austin’s own, Chi Dinh. Chi is not only an incredible Salsa dancer, she is a great cook and enjoys eating healthy. She is grateful to have teamed up with a super bright group of friends and professionals. Together, with all of you who are both new and old Austinites, we are turning our vision of promoting cultural awareness and building the community through partnerships into a reality. Now in our fourth year, we have over 500 members. There are already over 25 countries represented by our members. Hopefully in 2012, with Formula 1 coming to town, our membership will grow even more, as AIN plans on being a big part in what will be a spectacular weekend.

A huge milestone for us will be the Intercultural Festival. But always we strive to be charitable and educational .

  1. Being charitable is the single most important aspect of AIN. Our mission ultimately is to create world peace, and we feel that people helping people is the key. Examples of how we help others are:
    • We promote and provide volunteers to help other cultural non-profits in their activities and events
    • We help minority artists promote themselves
    • We help newly arrived immigrants assimilate to the American culture
    • We help any individual learn, share, and appreciate cultural experiences
  2. The objective of the Intercultural Festival, specifically, is to educate the Austin community on culture through events and activities that include:
    • Visual Arts Exhibits
    • Music Performances
    • International Food Sampling
    • Dance Performances
    • World Lit. Book Reading for Children
    • Fashion Shows
    • Theatre and Dramatic Performances
    • Games and past-times played around the world
    • Allowing cultural non-profit groups to participate
  3. In addition to the Intercultural Festival, AIN will have weekly and monthly events and activities that are culturally educational as well. These include:
    • Language Classes
    • Cultural Classes covering such topics as Cultural Sensitivity and International Etiquette
    • International Cooking Classes
    • World Literature Book Readings and Book Groups for Children and Adults
    • World Lit. Book Reading for Children
    • Cultural Classes, Workshops, and Seminars focusing on traditions and current events around the world
    • Recognizing International Holidays
    • Arts and crafts classes for children

Our networking events are opened to anyone who is interested in learning about other cultures and / or interested in helping us educate others about culture. Examples of types of networking that occur include:

    • By inviting different cultural groups to our networking events, we are connecting these groups so that they can work together
    • These non-profit cultural groups meet other individuals who hear about our events, thereby promoting themselves and their own events
    • These cultural groups can recruit volunteers and new members for their organizations
    • Cultural groups can educate people about their mission and culture at our events through discussion and interaction